Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September and our AGM

September sees another year come round and time again for our AGM. The business as usual took very little time and then it was on to more interesting things. First there was a show and tell. It seems that quite a bit of the summer knitting had already been passed on to its recipient bu there was still a few bits left.

This scarf had been worked on my Mandy, her grandmother, her mother and her daughter - 4 generations. It's finished now, and her daughter loves it.

Carole has done all the work on this shawl herself. Here's just a close-up of it. Carole did think there was a mistake or two in it, but we couldn't spot them.

Jean finished her cushion that was for the challenge which finished in July, so she brought it along to show us. She has also been doing some crochet. A game of noughts and crosses and a little toy.

Liz had a go and knitting with wire and made this beaded bracelet from a kit she had purchased at an exhibition.

Nina had been busy. She had made a cardigan and a shrug for herself. The shrug is knitted in 2 x 2 rib and uses holding position for shaping.

Sylvia knitted the baby clothes and a shawl. The shawl was knitted on her knitting machine, and the baby clothes by hand.

Once the show and tell was over we had a very welcome cup of tea or coffee and then it was time to learn a few new tricks. Some had asked to see again the cast on that Chris had showed us for the mobious scarf. Liz had brought a circular needle and some yarn with her, so we were able to see that again.

Liz also had brought along a knitting machine as one member was having trouble knitting lace on her knitting machine and also understanding the lace punchcards. The machine was quickly set up and it all made sense once it was explained properly. Let's hope we can all remember how to do these things when we get home!

We seemed to pack a lot into the meeting.

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