Monday, July 05, 2010

July meeting coming soon

The meeting is coming up very soon - tomorrow in fact, so apologies for this late post. The meeting time will be 8 pm as usual. I'll try and remember the camera this time.

This month is the end of our Challenge, so I hope that you will have found time to make a blanket for a special baby that may be donated to SANDS if you wish (not compulsory of course as you may have a baby of your own to give it to).

I am sure we will also be doing a lot of chatting as there is plenty to talk about - the Guild AGM being just one topic. I will also bring a machine along.

I'm also hoping that some of you will come up with some suggestions for who you would like as a speaker or things to do as I will be planning the programme during the rest of the summer. Don't forget we don't have a meeting in August, but the committee will be getting together to do what committees do. In our case it's have a nice meal and a drink at the local pub and chat about next year if we're so inclined.

So back to business - hope to see you on Tuesday 6th July, 8 pm as usual and visitors are welcome. This club is for both machine and hand knitters so don't be shy. Just turn up and if you want to bring some knitting with you, please do.

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