Monday, April 26, 2010

April Meeting

Another month and another meeting! We didn't have a speaker this month, Liz and Nina were planning to talk about different yarns and what could be knitted with them, but somehow they never got around to it. Members had questions they wanted to ask each other about some techniques, and how they did certain things, like how does Chris block out her beautiful shawls. Seems for this task a large empty space on the carpet is needed, pin out the shawl to the right size, cover with damp towels and leave overnight to dry............simple!
There was also discussion about the club's entry for the Guild competition, questions about what to knit with some yarn brought back from Australia, and inspection of a wrap jacket brought back from New Zealand which was knitted in possum yarn!
I think this just goes to show when knitters get together there is never a lull in conversation!
We were also pleased to welcome a new member and hope she enjoyed her evening!

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