Monday, December 01, 2008

December already

It's December already and I haven't posted anything about what we did at the November meeting. I must admit to being busy with other things especially looking after the lovely Ruby, my granddaughter, who is now 9 1/2 months old and very inquisitive.

So November meeting first. Kathy couldn't make it, and I hadn't taken my camera, so no photographs this month. As usual Christine has been busy knitting and showed us some more of her lovely work. Apparently she does not bring everything she knits every month. Some of it has been handed over to the lucky recipient before she can bring it to our meeting. I had been knitting as well. By hand this time. I brought along a pair of socks I had knitted for Ruby. I took a photograph of them before she took them home. You can't really tell from the photograph how small they are, but if you think you'd like to have a go at knitting socks, try baby ones first. They don't take long to do, and the techniques are just the same as bigger ones.

Frances had been invited back to speak to us again. This time she went through the basics of double jacquard techniques. She showed us how to set the machine up with the double bed colour changer attached and went through all the important stages that are vital if we are to knit this fabric successfully. She also told us about shaping when knitting double jacquard fabric. All very useful information. We even decided that it would be possible to knit a double jacquard fabric by hand, but that should best be left for the experienced knitter.
So now the December meeting. It is on Tuesday 2nd December, 8pm as usual. As it is our Christmas Meeting, we will all be bringing something along to give to the Friends of the Royal Marsden Hospital. They have a sales table in the Outpatients Department of the Hospital where they sell items that have been donated and raise funds for patient amenities. We have supported them for a while now and they are always very appreciative of our efforts. We will try to take some photographs and post them here before they are all packed up for delivery to the Hospital.
So if you would like to come and join us for coffee/tea and a mince pie please do so. We might even get a visit from Santa - we did last year!

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