Saturday, August 30, 2008

September meeting

Where has the summer gone? Did I miss it? It's our September meeting (and AGM) next Tuesday, 2nd September. I hope you received the e-mail or letter I sent out to members. I'm sorry it was so late, but I literally ran out of time. I still haven't completed the bookings for the year. I'm waiting for phone calls back to say if the speakers can make the suggested dates. As soon as it is finalised I'll let you know.

I'm pleased to say that I have arranged for a very interesting speaker for our AGM. Her name is Janina Dodds and she is from Button-Up. She's going to be telling us about some things we can do using buttons. Janina is an avid collector of buttons both old and not so old, so it should be a fascinating evening. Her talk will begin as soon as the AGM is over. Now you know we don't take long to deal with the business, so don't let it put you off coming.

Looking forward to seeing you in September. Visitors are always welcome, including at our AGM, so do please come. If you'd like directions etc, just drop me a message in the comments box or send me a message.

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