Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July Meeting

This evening we all had to produce our items for the Challenge, something to wear on your feet, and what a lot we had. We weren't restricted to machine knitting so creativity flowed. Please look at the pictures below to see all the items, some machine knitted, some hand knitted and some crocheted, but all very commendable. No doubt some of these will find their way as donations to the Marsden for sale.

After admiring all these items, Liz talked a bit about knitting using holding position, a very useful technique for shaping knitting and very easy once you grasp the principle. Can also be used to make braid like edgings and ruffles.

We also admired two knitted items, a beautiful cabled jumper knitted on the chunky machine by Sue, and a surprise cardigan knitted by Sheila H. The last being very appropriate as it is made using holding position, looks
nothing like a cardigan when being knitted, but once finished and sewn together - voila - a cardigan.

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