Friday, March 09, 2007

March Meeting

This month we were lucky to have a visit from Gillian Lamb, who demonstrated multi-directional knitting. Although the evening was mainly about hand knitting, this technique can be adapted for the machine, or hand knitted pieces can be incorporated with machine knitting. Gillian brought a lot of samples to show, and I hope the photos do them justice. A large part of the evening was spent with us trying to hand knit the joined on squares, some of which weren't quite squares! This method of knitting is good to use up yarn oddments, and yarns of different textures, and the results aren't always predictable, but can be stunning. There are a lot of books on this subject which we looked at, and I'm sure it inspired us to greater things! Maybe next
month someone will have tried this technique!

The photos below show some of Gillian's samples and the club members having fun knitting!

A sample of joined squares incorporated with knitting.

This is a sample of multi-directional knitting using different yarns, the ends are used to embellish with surface crochet.

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