Friday, February 09, 2007

February Meeting

This evening we were visited by Terry Viner, a rather larger than life figure, no offense! His sense of humour had us in stitches, not of the knitted variety!
Terry's subject was cleaning machines, and we were in for a treat.
In front of him, one punchcard machine, which was rapidly taken apart, with piles of screws on the table(a good idea to put them in a pot so they don't go walk abouts). No such problems for Terry. Once the machine was in pieces, out came the long brush and the fluff inside was soon banished. Oiling and checking needles was part of the process too. Simple, we thought! Then the job of putting it together, again no problem for Terry. Voila, one clean, oiled and perfectly working knitting machine! Don't think I'd be so confident doing it alone at home!
After a short break Terry taught us some tricks with the ribber and the transfer carriage. Talk about making life easier. Terry's background meant he understood the workings of the machines and accessories and could work out simpler methods to do things. Well worth listening to!
If anyone out there gets the chance to see Terry please make the effort, you will learn something.
Also this evening people were shown the article about the club in the local newspaper. This article has since been repeated in a local free paper, so lots of publicity for us.

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